1. What is the appropriate age for The Piggy Box?
    We recommend ages 4 and up.  Your child will start developing good money saving habits from a young age.

  2. Are there other uses for The Piggy Box if my child is too young or not quite ready?
    Absolutely!  The Piggy Box is a multi-functional keepsake box.  You can simply turn the drawer around for a blank label and remove the dividers.  It will be ready to store your child’s treasures (toys, accessories, trinkets).

  3. How come I cannot find The Piggy Box app in the iTunes store?
    Check to see that you have enabled the iPhone app search results.

  4. Do you store my Piggy Box app data or have access to the data?
    No.  We do not have access to your data nor do we store it.  The data resides on your device (iPhone or iPad).

  5. What happens if I lose my device?  Can you recover my data?
    Unfortunately, we cannot recover your data.  If you lose your device, install The Piggy Box app on your new device and re-enter your data.

  6. What is the Parental Setting on the The Piggy Box app?
    The Parental Setting was designed so parents could view the balance of their child’s account, reset passwords, and/or manage the accounts.

  7. Is The Piggy Box safe?
    Yes!  Your child’s safety is important to us.  The Piggy Box is compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) standards and regulations. The Piggy Box is tested with a certified third party laboratory to confirm it conforms to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) product safety rules.