We all remember having a piggy bank - our first step to learning about saving money. The little pig with a narrow slot on top and a removable rubber stopper on the bottom, waiting to be hammered when it was full. 

The traditional piggy bank didn’t give kids much to do, but our modern and stylish take on the piggy bank is designed to help kids actually learn and practice smart money skills.  All of our piggy banks are based on the SAVE, SPEND, and GIVE principles, and they are easy to use so that your child can see and handle money in a very tangible way. Our banks also help kids learn to be generous at an early age.

And bonus - no hammer is required at all!

Watch The Piggy Box in Action

  • ★★★★★

    My kids are so excited to have a bank that can hold dollar bills (not just coins) and that they can open, sort, count their dollars easily. Love the idea of the different sections - kids have enjoyed saving money that we can take to the bank and saving up money in the "give" section to do something charitable with. Best bank around!

    - Claire 
  • ★★★★★

    LOVE THIS! I purchased two, one for my 4yr old and one for my 6yr old and am very satisfied. The material is sturdy, and it looks more like a decorative box on display in their room than other options I saw online. There is plenty of room in each of the drawers for multiple bills and coins and is exactly as pictured.
    The app is incredibly helpful to track how much they have.

    - Dana 
  • ★★★★★

    THIS THING ROCKS! It just looks like room decor so it’s not obvious to visitors. It comes with an app my kids love to use to track their money. It’s thick sturdy/ heavy duty cardboard. This has opened my kids excitement for giving/ saving instead of wandering aimlessly with her money on not so great choices.

    - Conrey 
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