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The Piggy Box began with our then 5-year-old son, Jacob, who started a trash bin collection business. Each week, he brought in our neighbors’ trash cans after trash collection day. As his business grew, so did his income. It was quickly becoming apparent that his traditional piggy bank wasn't working. He couldn’t get his money, specifically the dollar bills, in and out of the piggy bank. We used everything from chopsticks to medical forceps to get those folded bills out!  It made a mess – the coins would fall out as he tried pulling the dollar bills out. To make matters worse he had no idea how much money he had.  So began the idea of the Piggy Box.

We wanted Jacob to learn and practice smart money habits so his piggy bank had to be easy-to-use and accessible. We also wanted him to be intentional about how he saved his money.  That's why the Piggy Box is organized into three drawers: “SAVE,” “SPEND,” and “GIVE.” Unlike traditional piggy banks or money jars,  the drawers have dividers and sections so kids can organize their bills and coins. There is also a companion app that helps kids track and manage their money.  

The Piggy Box is a fun and easy way for kids to learn and practice money skills while they are young. It also instills the idea of “giving” at an early age. It rethinks and reimagines what we teach our kids about important life principles. We hope you agree.



Esther Diaz 

Founder, The Piggy Box