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Let's Talk Money - Resources to Help Adults and Kids

  • Culturas Features The Piggy Box

    Culturas is an online platform and marketplace for Black, Indigenous, People of Color.  As a Latinx-owned company, we are honored that Culturas has...
  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Providing children with hands-on experience with money is essential to preparing them for financial success, a new study suggests.

    Read a summary of the study here


  • Money As You Grow

    What money skills should my child learn at his/her age?  Where do I start?
  • Elmo Learns About Money - The Spend, Save, Give Jars

    This Sesame Street video is a great way to introduce young kids to the idea of the Save, Spend, and Give Jar.  You'll see these important ideas in The Piggy Box too!
  • Kids Books on Money

    Kids love story time.  Read them a book from this wonderful list of books on kids and money.
  • Age Appropriate Chores

    All hands on deck! Your kids—even the littlest ones—can help out around your home in more ways than you think.  This can even give them an opportun...