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We also ship to Canada. However, please be advised the recipient is responsible for the country's customs fees and delays.

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How do we use The Piggy Box piggy banks?

You’ve got money!  YIPPEE!
How are you going to save it?  That can be a tricky choice.

This piggy bank can help. 
There are 3 or 4 slots (depending on the model) to help you figure out what
to do with your money.  By using them, you can learn and practice SMART money habits.  So let’s get started!


This is money for you to spend on things you want now or soon like a special snack or small toy.  Money is limited, so spend it wisely by thinking about what you really want and need.    


This is money you want to save to use later.  It could be money used for something big like a bike or a computer game or for when something unexpected happens. You can set a goal and work towards it. 


Do you want to get a gift for your best friend?  Is there a charity or cause you really care about?  Money in this section can really make a difference.  You’ll feel good about helping others too!


Did you know your money can grow?  Yup!  You can put money in another business or in a special savings account. 


We wish you success on your financial journey.  You’re going to do great!

For more tips on teaching kids the basics of money skills, please visit the BLOG section of our website or speak with a trusted financial advisor. 

What percentage of money do you recommend we put into each section of the piggy bank?

The spend, save, give system is essentially a simplified budgeting strategy. Each time your child receives money, have them divide their funds into the three drawers or sections. One for spending, one for saving and one for giving away to others. You can decide what percentage of each dollar earned goes into each drawer.  

We recommend a plan that looks something like this: 

Spend — 50 percent 

As adults, we don’t have the luxury of spending all our money on things we want. If kids get used to spending every penny of their earnings, there’s a good chance they’ll carry this habit into adulthood. The spend, save, give plan helps get them acclimated to the idea of spending only a portion of each dollar on things they want. 

Save — 30 percent 

Saving money teaches powerful lessons about delayed gratification and planning for the future. You can even make it exciting by encouraging your child to set a goal and track their progress each time they deposit money into their savings account. As they gradually achieve their goal, they’ll learn that some things are worth waiting and saving up for. 

Give — 20 percent 

Kids naturally love helping others. They instinctively understand that giving and sharing makes us happier — and financial wellness all about using your money in a way that contributes to your long-term happiness. When your child’s compassion gets triggered by someone in need, their share bucket empowers them to lend a hand and do some good in the world.  

[Credit to Oregon Community Credit Union]

How do I download The Piggy Box App?

Kindly click on the applicable icon:


What is the appropriate age for The Piggy Box products?

Research shows that money habits in children are formed by age seven. Yes, seven. This is why we encourage children to learn and develop smart money habits early on. We recommend a child start using his/her piggy bank at age 4. Of course, you can plant the financial education seed starting at birth - these piggy banks make great baby shower gifts.

Are The Piggy Box products safe?

Yes! Your child's safety is important to us. All of our manufacturers are carefully vetted by us. We use premium and quality materials. The Piggy Box is compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) standards and regulations. The Piggy Box products are tested with a certified third party laboratory to confirm it conforms to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) product safety rules.