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The Piggy Box began with our then 5-year-old son, Jacob, who had a neighborhood trash can collection business.  Each week, he brought in our neighbors’ trash cans after trash collection day.  As his business and income grew, he needed somewhere to store his hard-earned money.  We got different types of piggy banks/jars and it seemed we were always coming up against the same problem - he couldn't get the money, specifically the dollar bills, out of the small opening at the bottom of the piggy bank.  We used everything (short of a hammer) from chopsticks to medical forceps to get the folded bills out. It made a mess!  Coins would fall out as he tried pulling the dollar bills out. To make matters worse, he had no idea how much money he had. It was just going into this dark abyss. So began the idea of The Piggy Box and our labor of love. 

We really wanted our son to learn and practice smart money skills so we wanted something that was going to to be easy and fun. We came up with our modern take on the piggy bank using a drawer system in The Piggy Box (our flagship model). All of our piggy banks are based on the save, spend, and give principles to help kids save money in an intentional way while instilling charity (giving) at an early age. It rethinks and reimagines what we teach our kids about important life principles. We hope you agree.

When we're not doing something related to The Piggy Box (it's a family affair), you'll find us playing pickleball, watching a movie, and/or finding a restaurant to try out!   

Thank you so much for being here. 

Here's to raising money smart and generous kids!  



Esther Diaz 

Founder, The Piggy Box